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Hands On Training For:
RNs, NPs, CRNAs, PAs, MDs, DOs, & DMDs

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What Can Method Aesthetics Academy Do for You?

Our facial aesthetics training school is a here to help you become a skilled practitioner of aesthetic medicine, one with a keen understanding of technique, business, and beauty. With our accredited courses, intimate class sizes, and trainers who are passionate about improving the industry, we’re taking aesthetics training to a whole new level of quality. You won’t just learn the philosophy of good aesthetics medicine with us: you’ll get a feel for the real work you’ll be doing every day, using world-class treatments to gain the confidence and experience you need to succeed.

What Makes Method Aesthetics Academy Different?

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Train with 5x the Neurotoxin & Filler

We don’t want to pump you out of training with minimal experience. We go above and beyond other facial aesthetics training schools by giving you more filler and neurotoxins to work with. With our courses, you’ll have the hands-on experience you need to perform various treatments — because it isn’t all BOTOX®!

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One-on-One Technical Training

Get the attention you need to reach your full potential with our individualized training. At Method Aesthetics Academy, all eyes will be on you to ensure that you not only understand what you’re doing, but that you can do it successfully with confidence. Learn precise techniques, improve your approach, and grow with us!

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Practical Study of Anatomy:

A strong foundation in aesthetics starts with a thorough understanding of anatomy. Learn all about the face and beyond: from artery locations to how the depth and placement of various fillers creates different effects. This practical study of anatomy will empower you to treat any patient in the future!

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Reversal Protocols & In-Depth Risk Training:

We want to ensure you have everything you need to keep your patients safe. Discover what to do in case of an emergency, and how to reverse it. We’ll teach you the risks and how you can mitigate them, so you’ll feel confident in any scenario with a patient.

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doctor demonstrating treatment

Small, Intimate Classes:

We’re not like the other facial aesthetics training schools where you feel like just a number. Our classes consist of a dozen people or less, so you can get the time and attention you need, as well as hands-on training, from our experienced trainers. Learn from your peers and enjoy watching others’ techniques as you learn and grow together!


Hands-On Mastery Assessment:

To ensure your success, our trainers will work with you until we’re confident in your ability to perform your procedure. Our mastery assessment allows us to track your progress, so you can identify areas of growth and improvement to become the most proficient you can be!


Complimentary In-Office Shadowing:

After completing your courses, students can shadow two trainers at their places of work. Learn about both administrative and patient facing duties, and experience real-world applications of the things you’re learning. Our trainers Brittany and Marlee both cover various procedures and are here to ensure that you’re not just skilled at what you do, but that you understand the day-to-day reality of the business.


Exclusive Mentoring Group:

We want to share our knowledge and passion with you: learn more about growth opportunities with our exclusive online mentoring group. Gain access to a wealth of resources, industry news, and continue to build upon your technique with our mentoring advice!

Explore Our Upcoming Courses

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upcoming courses
upcoming courses
upcoming courses
upcoming courses

Meet Our Trainers

Marlee Bruno, M.M.S, PA-C, CMLC

Marlee Bruno, PA-C

A natural-born educator, Marlee Bruno listened to complaints from new injectors about the lack of hands-on experience during other aesthetics training courses and turned them into an opportunity to improve the industry. Marlee’s skills, advanced techniques, and compassionate aura have made her one of Pensacola’s premier practitioners, and she’s thrilled to be able to train the next generation.

Brittany Perez, DNP, FNP-C

Brittany Perez, DNP, FNP-C

Brittany found her passion for helping patients with their skin concerns and educating others early on in her career. As an Allergan national speaker and trainer, she’s helped numerous new injectors find their niche and perform with meaning and purpose. Her background in surgical care and injection techniques provide her with a broad basis to learn from!

Katie Reber, FNP-C

Katie Reber, FNP-C

Having practiced in medicine for over two decades, Katie discovered her passion for aesthetics when she realized how fun injecting can be and how it benefits her patients. With an understanding of how much there is to learn, and always will be, Katie uses her knowledge of the industry to help new injectors achieve their goals.

Alumni Success Stories

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before and after face treatment

Interested in modeling for us?

If you’re looking to help our students gain practical experience while improving your appearance, please apply to model for us! All the work you undergo will be supervised by a medical professional, and we require a telehealth screening prior to ensure that you’re a good candidate for your procedure, which you can select on our model request form.